The journey so far… Like you, the team behind are gamers. We are also Ireland’s leading online provider of gaming equipment, peripherals and accessories, created by Irish gamers for Irish gamers. Fortnite Tournament

We supply the very best in gaming equipment from the world’s leading brands including Trust Gaming, Razer, SteelSeries, Elgato and more. The equipment supplied by allows Irish gamers take their performance to the next level, whether that’s casual gaming with friends or taking part in international esports events.

The GamerFest Connection

As part of the story, our team also runs Ireland’s leading series of gaming festivals called GamerFest that have seen over 10,000 visitors from the Irish gaming community since 2017.

GamerFest events are a massive celebration of gaming that include unforgettable gaming action and challenges such as esports, virtual reality gaming, live stage gaming challenges and special guest appearances from Ireland’s leading content creators!

And if you attended Insomnia Games Festival at The RDS, you would have seen us there, too.

Supporting the Legion!

In 2020 launched the GamerStore Legion, Ireland’s first Content Creator Development Programme. Legion is our way of supporting the development of Irish creators including streamers, YouTubers and competitive esports players as they build their audience and careers to an international level.

By applying for GamerStore Legion, successful creators avail of a ton of great benefits including financial support, tons of brand new gaming equipment, merch, exclusive access to new products & games and VIP access to the biggest gaming events and festivals.

The GamerStore Legion also helps with the career development of its members and helps take their profile to the next level. Check out the full Legion lineup at and don’t forget to follow their channels. Ireland has some of the best creative talent in the world and your support can help them get the recognition they deserve!

We are also massively grateful to Trust Gaming, who have partnered with us for the launch of GamerStore Legion. Trust Gaming have been, in our experience, the biggest supporters of the Irish gaming community in the last number of years and we’re proud to have them involved as Legion partners.

We’ve got loads more great plans coming up so chat to us on our socials for the latest news, events and exclusive offers.