Brexit Proof: Support Irish Gaming

With, your order is processed right here in Ireland. And you can rest assured knowing that there’ll never be any nasty Brexit surprise like extra taxes, tariffs or charges. Irish Gaming Equipment has never been as easy to access. is a wholly owned Irish company, with all of our gaming equipment and peripherals in stock in our Dublin warehouses.

We want to give a huge thanks to all our customers for continuing to Buy Irish and supporting And for continuing to support other Irish businesses in these challenging times.

We’ve put together the following tips from the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission to help you identify other Irish websites that you may want to support…

  1. Check the domain address

According to the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), a ‘.ie’ address doesn’t guarantee that it’s an Irish-based site. “Check the business’s registered address in the terms and conditions (T&Cs) section of the website to find out where they are registered”, the CCPC says, even if you’ve ordered from the company before.

If you can’t find these details, try ordering from another site. “If the registered address is within an EU, they are not only required to provide their trading name and address but the business must provide you with other important consumer protections”, the CCPC says.

  1. Research if you need to pay extra taxes and charges

Many shoppers have been caught out by unexpected taxes or charges on orders. Depending on where you’re ordering from they can hike the cost of your order up a lot. Depending on what you’re ordering, all online orders from the UK  have been subject to Irish VAT and customs charges. However, his does not apply to goods from Northern Ireland.

“Before ordering from outside the EU, check the T&Cs to find out what VAT and import charges you may have to pay”, the CCPC says.

  1. If you don’t want to pay charges, you have a right to a refund

When you’re shopping from EU sites, you should be told about any additional charges when paying. But, “if you make a purchase and, upon delivery, you are advised of additional charges and you are not happy to pay them, you can choose to refuse to pay the charges and the purchase will then be returned to the sender”, the CCPC says.

Under EU protection law, you’re also entitled to a 14-day cancellation period. Therefore, if you decide to not pay the extra charges; you should contact the business you ordered from and request a full refund, the CCPC suggests.

  1. Check a company’s return policy in the T&Cs

Don’t always assume you’re entitled to return a purchase. If you’re buying from a non-EU site – including a UK one – the timeframes for returns may have changed. It’s always worth double-checking. Make sure you know if you can return a parcel, cancel a parcel before it’s sent to you and who pays for the cost of returning it before you buy.

  1. If a delivery from an EU site is delayed, they’re responsible for following up

Delayed deliveries can be incredibly frustrating, and that’s just if you’re excited about the new headset or keyboard you bought. If you’re really relying on that delivery coming on time, they can be more than just annoying.

It’s good to know that if you’re shopping from an EU site, your order should deliver within 30 days. If there’s a delay, they’re responsible for following up with delayed deliveries. If a company doesn’t deliver within 30 days, the CCPC suggests you agree a different delivery date or cancel the order and request a refund.

  1. Buying from an EU company promises stronger protection if something goes wrong 

If you’re buying something more expensive, it’s worth keeping in mind that buying from an EU company means you’ll be protected if something goes wrong with your order. Most importantly, by giving you the right to a refund.

“Buying from a non-EU website means that these rights do not automatically apply and therefore if something does go wrong it may be more difficult to get the issue resolved,” the CCPC says.

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