SPOILER ALERT: It’s because it’s AWESOME!

All Colours Available for the Trust GXT 705 Ryon Gaming Chair

The Trust GXT 705R Gaming Chair is back in stock on-site. As a result, we’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s one of the most popular gaming chairs on-site. And why it always goes out of stock!

4) The Trust GXT 750R Ryon Gaming Chair is for Every Gamer

A Chair for All of the Legion Creators for 2022, and a gamer like you!

Whether you’re 8 hours into saving the world in an intense Horizon: Forbidden West gaming session, competing in a Legion Arena Fortnite Tournament or getting the dub in Warzone, the Ryon gaming chair offers comfort to all.

Undeniably, more comfort means less shifting around. Giving you more mental energy to focus and lock into the task at hand. No to mention, all the adjustable features grants the chair a wide range of recommendable heights from 160cm (5ft 2in) to 190cm (6ft 2 in).

3) More Durable Than The Master Sword

The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Built with a strong wooden frame, the Trust gaming chair can carry up to a weight of 150kg. More than enough to withstand a temper tantrum from Kratos after losing at Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (we checked, Kratos is 129KG). Although, we’re not sure it’ll hold if he goes into a full-on rage mode. So maybe go easy on him!

2) More Angles Than Rainbow Six: Siege

Holding a Tight Angle in R6: Siege Has Never Been Easier – but we couldn’t find a 5-v-1 clutch on Oregon with a clear line-of-sight.

By angles, we mean viewing angles here. Due to the Ryon gaming chair being fully 360° rotatable, and having the class 4 gas lift, you can position your chair with height, tilting and rotation options to look at your screen at the right angle every time. Obviously causing less eye and neck strain when you’re locked into a 5-v-1 clutch on Oregon with a clear line-of-sight.

1) Feel Like The Illusive Man in a Gaming Chair

Feel Like The Illusive Man

Thanks to the ergonomic design and high-density foam covered with PU leather, you can be as comfortable as Mass Effect’s Illusive Man. Spend hours plotting the human race’s triumph against the reapers from your chair without back pain. Or, let’s be honest, gamers’ real worst enemy – a** pain! 

And there you have it, four reasons why we (and you!) love the Trust GXT 705R Ryon. Thank Arceus it’s back in stock!