The G in RGB stands for Gaming Setup

Trust Gaming Setup Redex Gaming Mouse and Callaz Gaming Keyboard

Every gamer needs a top-class gaming setup. Not only one that gives you a competitive edge, or the best experience in an open-world game, but also one that looks awesome. The new Trust Gaming products do all of this, and more. So, let’s meet Callaz, Redex, and Thian!     

Trust GXT 834 Callaz Gaming Keyboard – Key in Your Gaming Setup

Gaming Setup with Callaz Gaming Keyboard

Ever find yourself losing desk space to a keyboard too big for your gaming setup? Then the Callaz Gaming Keyboard will fit snuggly into your space. With a tenkeyless design, the keyboard is slimmed down in width, to only the most important keys for gameplay. 

Fast and responsive mechanical Outemu switches on the keyboard last up to 50 million key presses. Whether that allows you 50 million eliminations in Fortnite is completely up to you though. 

The Callaz Gaming Keyboard puts the “Gamer” in RGB. With Rainbow wave lighting, 6 colours, 20 modes, adjustable brightness and speed, you can customise the illumination of your gaming setup to match your vibe. 

Trust GXT 980 Redex Gaming Mouse – Click to Purchase, Wirelessly

Redex Gaming Mouse

Cable management is hell. Seriously, there’s only a small portion of people who actually like, or have the time, to spend hours routing cables all-around their set up just to see fewer wires from their peripherals and PC. That’s why wireless is immensely popular and easy to use.

With 50 hours of playtime, the new Trust Redex Gaming Mouse is ideal for long gaming sessions without having to be connected with a wire to your PC. Stay in the zone longer without having to worry about the battery dying during a 4v1 clutch-up on Caldera. And, if you have forgotten to charge up, you can still use your mouse while charging – unlike another premium mouse we know of. 

Did we mention just like with the Callaz Gaming Keyboard, the Redex Gaming mouse also has customisable RGB settings? The perfect pair for your gaming cave. 

But it’s not all, “gamer lights” and wireless capabilities. The Redex gaming mouse has an adjustable DPI between 200 – 10,000 DPI giving you room to slow down for snipes, or insane flick shots at the touch of a button. Along with 6 customisable buttons to suit your playstyle and key binds.     

Trust GXT 391 Thian Wireless Headset – (Insert Funny Pun Gaming Setup)

Gaming Setup with Thian Wireless Headset

Last but not least is a gamer’s dream comms tool. The Thian Wireless Headset lives up to expectations with a 13 hour integrated rechargeable battery. More than enough time to troll noobs in-game chat when your smurfing in Siege. And with rich, full sound from the high-quality 40mm drivers, you’ll be able to hear every scream back in high-definition. 

The Thian Wireless Headset is made with recycled for an eco-friendly design. Every time you pick up your headset you’ll be able to rest at ease in the knowledge that you’re doing your part in helping to save the planet, not only in-game but in real life too.  

So, have we piques your interest? Is your mouse not up to scratch? Is your keyboard too big? Or is the existential dread of not being eco-friendly getting to you? Then level up your setup with these new Trust products and play hard.