Gaming Gifts are Hard!

Choosing the right Christmas gaming gifts for the gamer in your life isn’t easy! So many products, so many brands… but don’t worry, the team at GamerStore.ie HQ in Galway have put their heads together to make sure you have a happy loved one this year.

We’ve listed the most popular gifts below, with a variety of options depending on budget. And if you still aren’t sure what to go for then drop us a line at info@gamerstore.ie and one of our experts will happy provide the information you need!

Gaming Chairs & Desks

Gaming Chairs are without doubt the hottest gaming product right now. It doesn’t matter whether the gamer in your life is a casual FIFA player with friends or a committed esports star, a comfortable and stylish gaming chair is a must have.

And don’t forget, with lots of people working from home right now, gaming chairs are brilliant at doubling up as a great office chair!

Sim Racing Equipment

With the soaring popularity of Formula 1, more and more Irish gamers are loving sim racing games and competing online against other racers. Our sim racing peripherals take driving performance to the next level and help deliver the ultimate lap time.


Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Gaming Wheel with Pedal Set for Xbox & PC




Headsets are by far the easiest product to gift the gamer in your life. It doesn’t matter whether they own a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC, a good headset is an absolute must for any gamer!


Trust GXT 323X Carus Gaming Headset for Xbox



Stocking Fillers

There are tons of great stocking fillers available on GamerStore.ie. And we’ve picked our favourites below for you to check out.


The quality and graphics of modern games are jaw dropping, but don’t forget about the importance of quality speakers to ensure the music and sound is as clear and crisp as possible. The speakers listed below guarantee a submersive and enjoyable gaming experience. 

Gaming Keyboards

Having a quality gaming keyboard is crucial if the gamer in your life wants to get the most out of modern games….a standard PC keyboard just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve chosen our favourite three options that make for awesome gaming gifts below.

Gaming Mice

Just like gaming keyboards, gaming mice are also critical in getting the most enjoyment from modern PC games. Gaming mice have more buttons and are more responsive to the gameplay, all of which is crucial to gaming performance!


Trust GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-lightweight Gaming Mouse




As more and more Irish people are developing their own content on YouTube and Twitch, a quality microphone is a must-have in terms of ensuring the sound quality is up to scratch.
We’ve chosen a number of option below that will help the gamer in your life become the next online sensation. And who knows, maybe they’ll be the next member to join the Legion!

Still not sure what gaming gifts to get the gamer in your life?

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